Which Lab Valves Do You Need?

May. 24, 2021

What are the best lab valves?

If you want your lab to produce accurate and confirmable results, you need the right equipment. Most people focus on heavy technical equipment when considering items that could affect their results, but in reality, it's the little details that make a researcher's job so much easier. Choosing the right lab valves may not seem like a big decision, but making the right choice now can save you from trouble later.


Let's take a look at some of the best lab valves by category and how they can help you get the best results in your lab. Next, the lab fittings supplier will share with you.

There isn't a lab in the world that doesn't need faucets and valves. Whether it's for experiments or cleaning lab equipment, water is vital in all scientific research. The type of valve or faucet you choose depends on your needs. 

Lab Gas Valves

Lab Gas Valve

Therefore, you need to control the amount of water entering your laboratory work. There are several different types of lab valve that can help you do this.

Valves regulate, direct, and distribute fluids. Anything that controls a liquid has a valve, including aerosol cans, on/off controls for dishwashers and other liquid-based appliances, and storage devices. Since each valve works with different types of fluids, they're given a separate category even though they're fittings.


What valves do you need for your school or profession?

Lab water valve

Water valves allow you to control the amount and pressure of water. These come in three varieties: straight, angle, and hose bibbs. Labs can fit these valves with control flow cartridges and several nozzles, some of which include aspirators and vacuum breakers. You can also fit them with turrets, which allows you to have two valves on one water source. You can also fit the valves with various handles, some of which have hot and cold buttons on them.

Lab Water Valve

Lab Water Valve

Lab Gas Valves

These valves help to control the pressure and release of steam for your lab. It's important to use valves designed for steam for safety reasons. Incorrect equipment can lead to built-up pressure, accidental release, and burns. You can choose between a straight and angled valve and add on turrets.


Which lab valves do you need?

Depending on the type of lab you are running, you may need each type of valve

University labs require each type of valve due to the nature of the research and experiments that take place. Several students and researchers work on different projects in the same space, and research changes every few years as new people enter and exit the lab. Ordering everything you need ahead of time will save you from having to postpone research while you wait for equipment.

For professional labs, what you need depends on the type of research being conducted.

For both labs, you should have multiple lab taps and lab valves. Water is a necessity in any research and a safety requirement. Use at least one electronic faucet to place multiple sinks around your lab. If someone is using a volatile substance, do not allow them to touch the handle as other people who may be sensitive to the substance will come in contact with it.

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