When to Use an Eyewash?

Jan. 29, 2021

An eyewash is an effective safety protection device used to quickly minimise hazards when toxic and hazardous substances (such as chemical liquids) are sprayed onto staff, their faces or eyes or when a fire causes them to catch fire.

When to use an eyewash?

When the eyes or body of the operator on site are exposed to toxic and harmful and other corrosive chemicals, the eyewash can be used as an emergency rinse or shower for the eyes and body, mainly to avoid further damage to the body caused by the chemicals and as a preliminary treatment for the eyes and body.

However, eyewash products are only used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down further damage to the body from harmful substances. Further treatment and therapy need to follow the instructions of a doctor.

The main components of an eyewash

The eyewash is a type of emergency safety equipment and consists of the following main components

1. Eye wash nozzle: a water jet for cleaning the eyes and face.

2. Dust cover for the eyewash nozzle: a dustproof device used to protect the eyewash nozzle.

3. Switching valve: A valve device used to open and close the water flow.

4. Pass-through pipe: a device used to direct the flow of water.

5. Strainer: used to filter out the debris entering the eyewash.

6. Base: to hold the eyewash in place.

 Emergency Shower and Eye Wash

Installation of eye washers

1. Installed directly on the floor of the work site, near the hazardous work area, at a distance of no more than 15 metres. When chemical substances are sprayed on the eyes, face, neck and body of the staff, use the eyewash in time for a major flush to reduce injuries and win valuable time for medical rescue.

2. No non-explosion-proof electrical switches within a 2 metre radius of the eyewash

3. No obstacles should be stacked within a 2 metre radius of the eyewash. 

4. Do not install the eyewash over the floor. 

5. Must be connected to drinking water.

How to use the eyewash?

1. Remove the dust cover from the eyewash nozzle.

2. Push open the eye wash valve to allow the water to flow.

3. Use your index and middle fingers to open and secure the eyelid.

4. Hold the head forward and wash the eyes with clean water under appropriate water pressure for at least 15 minutes.

5. Get to the nearest medical facility for further treatment.

Stainless steel emergency shower & eye wash 

Guardrail type stainless steel emergency shower and eye wash,hurt people foot up and shower automatically, effectively prevent the injured fall, guardrail bottom has the wastewater collecting function.

The use of the environment: hazardous material splash place, such as chemicals, hazardous liquid, solid, gas, there is a risk of combustion place, please note pipeline anti-freezing in cold area.

Note:After washing the eyes, the pipe of water can empty automatically to achieve preventting frostbite.

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