What Is the Purpose of an Emergency Eyewash Station?

Mar. 08, 2021

The eyewash station is a safe and necessary piece of labour protection equipment and is a necessary emergency, protective facility for contact with acids, alkalis, organics and other toxic and corrosive substances. During installation, the eyewash nozzles should not collide with hard objects to avoid damaging the surface gloss. After removing debris from the pipes, take care to install the eyewash nozzles. Under the condition that the water pressure is not less than 0.02 mpa, if after a period of use, you find that the water output decreases or even the water heater goes off, then you can remove impurities by gently moving the eyewash nozzle into the eyewash nozzle and removing it to cover the sun. In addition, the switch ball valve should not be too hard, homeopathic can be gently rotated, not dead, the

Types of eyewash

There are three types of eye wash stations.

1.Eye wash for splashes or spills where the eyes are affected only.

2.Eye/face wash units for splashing or spilling where the eyes and face are affected.

3.Emergency shower in case of splashes or spills affecting most areas of the body.

Which type you need depends on the toxic substances retained in the workplace and the type of task being performed. Carrying out a thorough work hazard assessment will guide your choice.

 Emergency Eyewash Station

For employees who work with or near chemicals and other toxic substances, eyewashes and showers are an important part of the working environment. From health hazards such as irritation and carcinogenicity to physical hazards such as corrosion and flammability, these substances pose a wide range of risks to workers and can damage eyes and skin within seconds.

The first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance are critical - especially if the substance is corrosive. Delayed treatment can seriously harm workers. However, eyewashes are not always what they should be.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that about 2,000 American workers need medical treatment for work-related eye injuries every day. The ANSI Z358 standard, last revised in 2014, serves as a benchmark to help protect workers from these injuries.

Eye wash units should also be used with the following in mind.

1. To rinse the rest of the body, pull the lever downwards by hand and water will then automatically spray from the sprinkler and the lever should be reset after use.

2. Eye wash stations can be used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down harmful substances to the body, take further treatment and follow the instructions of a doctor.

3. When using the eyewash station, simply push the push valve gently to rinse your eyes and the cleaning water will automatically spray out of the eyewash nozzle. After use, the valve and dust cap should be reset.


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