Precautions When Placing the Eyewash Station

Aug. 11, 2020

The eyewash station is used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down the further harm of harmful substances to the body when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquids, etc.) are sprayed on the body, face, or eyes of the staff, or the staff’s clothing catches in a fire. Further treatment and treatment need to follow the doctor's guidance to avoid or reduce unnecessary accidents. As early as the 1980s, the eyewash station was a safety protection product widely used in most factories, laboratories and hospitals in foreign developed industrial countries (the United States, Britain, etc.). Its purpose is to reduce the harm to the body caused by toxic and harmful substances at work, and it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and places where hazardous materials are exposed.

The service radius of the safety shower and eyewash should be within 15m to ensure that the time for the user to reach the equipment in a straight line does not exceed 10s. The equipment must have a working position in at least 3 directions, and there are no obstacles around it for quick use. The center point of the eyewash equipment is 40.6em (16 inches) away from any obstacle. There should be no electrical switches around the eyewash station to prevent accidents.


All eyewash station and shower areas must maintain a channel at least 1m wide. At the same time, keep an open area with a diameter of not less than 1.2m centered on the sprinkler head, and the area must be painted in a safe color.

There should be eye-catching signs around the eyewash and shower equipment. The signs should preferably be bilingual in Chinese and English and pictures to tell the personnel on the job site the location and purpose of the eyewash and shower equipment. Luminous indicators can be installed on the equipment, and explosion-proof sound and light alarms and explosion-proof lights can also be equipped to remind other personnel to come to rescue when the equipment is in use.

There should be a dust cap on each nozzle of the eyewash station. The valve of the eyewash station should be easy to operate, and the opening time should not exceed 1s, the valve should have anti-corrosion function. The nozzle of the eyewash station should be equipped with a filter to prevent sundries in the water from causing damage to human eyes.

The information is provided by emergency eye wash manufacturer.

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