How to Use the Eyewash Station

Aug. 29, 2020

Eyewash station is an indispensable product for safety protection. Remedial measures can be taken in an emergency to prevent further harm. It is a necessary emergency and protection facility for occasions contacting acid, alkali, organic matter and other toxic and corrosive substances. When installing, try not to bump the eyewash nozzle with hard objects, so as not to damage the surface gloss, pay attention to remove the debris in the pipeline and install the eyewash nozzle.

In water pressure under the condition of not less than 0.02 mpa, use after a period of time, if it is found that water yield is reduced, or without water, can draw the eye bath shower nozzle gently unscrew the net cover, remove impurities, in addition, the switch ball valve don't overexert, conveniently turning gently, don't die, also don't want to use the handle as armrest, eye bath should pay attention to daily maintenance, this will increase the service life.

Eyewash Station

Pay attention to the following points when using the eyewash station:

1. When washing other parts of the body, pull down the valve lever by hand, and water will automatically spray out from the sprinkler. After use, the lever must be reset.

2. The eyewash is used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down the damage of harmful substances to the body, further treatment and treatment, and follow the doctor's guidance.

3. When using the eyewash station, you only need to gently push the push valve by hand to wash the eyes, and the clean water will automatically spray out from the eyewash nozzle. After use, reset the push valve and the dust cover.

Due to the difference between summer and winter, the use of eye washer station is not the same. In summer, the weather is hot, the water temperature of the eyewasher connected to the water pipe is relatively easy to accept, but after winter, the water temperature is very cold. If the water is too cold, it will cause great damage to the eyes. Not only will it not reduce the damage, but it will also cause the eyes further harm. The water temperature of the eyewash is recommended to be 16-38℃. Because the eyewash station is not used frequently, many factories do not pay attention to the temperature of the water in the eyewash station, nor do they have such conditions. What to do at this time, using an electrothermal anti-icing eye wash can heat the water and prevent the water source of the eyewash station from freezing. The electrothermal eyewash station is the simplest and most wise choice.

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