How To Install An Eyewash Station?

Sep. 28, 2021

You have purchased an eyewash station (or stations) and are familiar with the all-important ANSI Z358.1 regulations - now it's time to install it. In this eyewash station installation guide we will give you the basic installation instructions for wall-mounted and free-standing eyewash stations.


Before installation

First things first: remove the packaging from your new eyewash station and ensure that you have all the necessary components (these should be listed in the manufacturer's instructions) and that they are undamaged. You should also thoroughly rinse the inside and outside of the unit to ensure that any dust, dirt and debris that may have accumulated during storage is removed.


Finally, although the following instructions can be used as a general eye wash station installation guide, all eyewash stations are different, so always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Wjh0759c

 Wall Mounted Eye Wash Wjh0759c

Installing a wall mounted eyewash station

What you will need.


Wall fastener anchors for 3/8" bolts

Bolts and washers ( 3/8 inch)

Wall fasteners

Pipe sealant

1 ¼" sliding fitting P-trap/drain connection


Place the appliance on the wall near the drain and water supply pipe between 33" and 45" above the floor to comply with ANSI Z358.1. Hold the appliance steady and mark the location of the mounting bolt holes on the wall. Remove the unit and install wall fastener anchors where you marked the wall, then secure the unit to the wall using 3/8" bolts.


Next, connect the tailpipe to the eyewash unit. Install the sanitary drain and P-trap so that it lines up with the eyewash unit and then connect to the tailpipe. Finally, connect the supply line to the ball valve on the eyewash station. Turn on the water supply and test the unit for leaks, ensuring that the flow rate complies with ANSI regulations.

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Wjh0359c

 Wall Mounted Eye Wash Wjh0359c

Installing a freestanding eyewash station

You will need to prepare.

Floor fastener anchors

Bolts and washers

Pipe sealant


Place the unit so that there is at least 9 inches of clearance between the left or rear wall and the centre of the drainage basin and at least 11 inches of clearance to the right wall. Secure the unit in place and mark the location of the floor mounting holes. Install the floor anchors in the appropriate locations and bolt the appliance to the floor.


Connect the drain hose to the 1 ¼" female tee. If not already installed, ensure beforehand that the drain is in a position to align with the female tee.


Finally, connect the water supply line to the ball valve on the eyewash unit. Turn on the water supply and ensure that the unit is discharging water at an ANSI approved rate and that there are no leaks.


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